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The most important ingredient in Baking would be flour.  It’s the main ingredient in Bread and is found in Pies, Biscuits, Cakes, Slices and Pastries.  With many different kinds of flour available, it’s important that you choose the right flour for your application.

Plain Flour

Plain Flour is a general purpose Flour which is low in protein.  Plain Flour is used in Muffins, Scones, Pie Bottoms, Batters, Cakes, Sauces Soups and Gravies

Self-Raising Flour

Self-Raising Flour is milled from soft wheat and blended with baking powder.  Self-Raising Flour is used in Cakes, Batters, Biscuits, Muffins, Scones & Pancakes.

Bakers & Strong Flour

Baker’s Flour is milled from specifically selected hard wheat, with a level of protein which varies from medium to high. (Strong having a higher protein content than Baker’s)  Baker’s and Strong Flours are used for Breads and Rolls, Flat Breads, Pizza Bases, Tortillas, Puff Pastry, Pasta, Noodles, Flat/Turkish bread, Yeast Raised Donuts and Traditional Fruit Cakes

Wholemeal Flour

Wholemeal Flour is made by milling the whole grain of wheat (bran, germ and endosperm), whereas white flours contain only the endosperm. Wholemeal flour is used to make Wholemeal and High Fibre Breads, Cakes and Muffins

Biscuit Flour

Biscuit Flour is specially milled from soft wheat to produce dough for Biscuits and Cookies.  The specially milled, low protein flour wont shrink during Biscuit and Cookie production.

Rye Flour

Rye Flour is made from Rye and produces denser bread than bread made from Wheat Flour.

Spelt Flour

Spelt was a staple during medieval times and has recently been ‘rediscovered’ as a Health Food.  Spelt Flour is used to make Bread, Pasta, Pizza Bases and Biscuits.


Despite the name, Cornflour isn’t necessarily made from Corn.  It can be made from either Wheat or Corn. Cornflour is used as a thickener and texture modifier. We carry both Maize (Corn) and Wheaten (Wheat) Cornflours, with Wheaten being the most popular.

We also carry a range of other Flours, such as: Organic, Gluten Free, Hi-Ratio and Rice Flour, to name a few.

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