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Being a proud Member of Countrywide gives our customers access to the Countrywide branded products, which come with the security of Countrywide’s “Complete Satisfaction or Your Money Back” guarantee.

The range of Countrywide branded products ensure the quality that you expect at a competitive price.


An all-purpose household grade disinfectant, which whitens, removes stains and cleans with ease.


Dishwashing LiquidDishwashing Liquid
A general-purpose liquid detergent which is kind to hands and mild on surfaces. Ideal for general cleaning, dishwashing and also as a laundry detergent.


Glass and Window CleanerGlass and Window Cleaner
Formulated with superior cutting action for films and soils, leaving glass and windows sparkling clean.  Simply spray on and wipe off to remove dirt and grime.


Dishwashing Machine PowderMachine Dishwashing Powder
An efficient and powerful stain remover, which kills germs dead and leaves crockery and glassware glistening clean.


Floor and Tile CleanerFloor and Tile Cleaner
An AQIS approved, hygienic floor cleaner and detergent, suitable for floors, general cleaning and food preparation areas, with effective degreasing properties and a pleasant orange fragrance.


SanitiserSanitiser and Disinfectant
An AQIS approved, high quality and effective sanitiser and disinfectant, which is appropriate for sanitising, disinfecting and light floor mopping of all food preparation areas



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The Vikan Hygiene System includes more than 140 different cleaning tools available in 5-6 different colours, which are all specifically made for cleaning in the food manufacturing industry.  Each tool is colour coded to prevent the risk of cross contamination.  

Vikan White BrushwareVikan Yellow BrushwareVikan Green BrushwareVikan Red BrushwareVikan Black BrushwareVikan Blue Brushware

For more information on the Vikan Hygiene system, click here 


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